It is understood that <<<< It is understood. 2012, China’s heavy machinery business contract orders generally fell sharply, accounts receivable a larger increase, the overall production and sales growth rate down, profit margins decline, nearly 1/4 business losses. The first nine months of 2012, equipment manufacturing industry profit of 49 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1% industry profit margin of 7.1% year-on-year decline of 0.1% 2012 China’s equipment manufacturing industry climate index fell, industry experts pointed out: from the industry as a whole situation. Fall into the ‘light blue zone’ which production composite index, total imports, total profits and product sales revenue several indicators have fallen into the ‘blue light district’ is expected in 2013, the country heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry overall situation is still grim, .

Why the development of punch instability

The lack of R \u0026 D investment in high-end manufacturing areas sheet metal hole punch, technology storage is not enough, keep up with the pace of change in domestic and foreign markets, affecting the large-scale industrial restructuring and development of SMEs in the industry shortage of talent shortage steel punching machine, R \u0026 D thin and lack of high-skilled workers Team, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry ‘ Unbalanced development, uncoordinated, can not continue to become more and more prominent contradictions. New situations, new problems, new contradictions led to the world economy is in the doldrums, leading to the equipment manufacturing industry there are many reasons for the current problems. Some experts pointed out: the current global economic development is facing a complex environment. The complexity of the situation of pneumatic presses and the arduous nature of the regulation are increasing Angle Straightening Machine, the process of world economic recovery suffered a great setback, the world economy is full of uncertainty. The world economy downside risks increase. Coupled with the slowdown in economic growth in Europe and the United States may be a longer period, leading to further growth of China’s import space is limited.