‘The 21st century is the most scarce talent’ has become an indisputable fact that society, high-tech talent is the punch press manufacturers to achieve the transformation of the foundation, ‘especially in the past few years, the loss of high-quality talent overseas development is brought to our country. Great impact. But also in the distribution of talent, there is a typical ‘polarized’, that elite talent mostly concentrated in the high-end electronics industry, and some of the traditional heavy industry is a big gap. According to pneumatic punch manufacturers, large-scale, technology-based equipment industry is the development of new trends, but we punch industry in large-scale production of equipment there is a big bottleneck. In particular, pneumatic punch as an example.

In recent years, the rapid development of high-tech industries to promote people’s lives and national economic growth has undergone great changes, and the development of pneumatic press can not do without the contribution of talent, so in order to successfully achieve China’s ‘Made in China’ to ‘Made in China’ transformation, pneumatic punch manufacturers on the importance of talent and training will now become the future and even an important strategic plan.

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