store current values of various machine settings (current machine status) A very important part of macros is their ability to use con –

di tional test metal cutting shears ing, branch ing and loop ing for a very flex i ble pro gram flow The use of looping

fea tures alone, so called it er a tion, adds much de sired ex tra pro gram ming power Over all, these

are the three items that are the most sig nif i cant in pro gram ming mac ros:


Variable data input


Mathematical functions and calculations


Storage and retrieval of current machine values

Unique Features

Macros have their own unique fea tures, not found in nor mal subprograms or, for that mat ter, in

any other con ven tional method of part pro gram ming

Typ i cal fea tures that are clas si fied as unique to mac ros are mostly re lated to flex i bil ity:

Boring Machine

Program data can be changed


Program flow can be altered


Data can be passed from one program to another


Repetitions metal cutting shears can be looped


Measurement (probing) can be incorporated


Special equipment can be fully controlled

These are only some items that dis tin guish the ma jor dif fer ences be tween subprograms and cus –

tom mac ros Do not think of mac ros just as a better re place ment for subprograms There are many

uses of mac ros that can not be com pared with any thing sim i lar to subprograms The main – and

most unique – fea tures of typ i cal mac ros are their flex i bil ity and ease of use, once you mas ter the

ba sic is sues as so ci ated with macro de vel op ment

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Un like subprograms, mac ros in clude many spe cial func tions that can be found on a typ i cal sci –

en tific cal cu la tor (TAN, COS, SIN, SQRT, etc) Not only sim ple or more com plex al ge braic

func tions can be used, mac ros can also be ap plied for trig o no met ric cal cu la tions, square roots,

pow ers of a num ber x2 Marking on Metals or x3, in verse func tions, nested pa ren the ses, round