Punching speed with the die high-speed stamping automatic production continuity, the feeder is necessary auxiliary equipment, and the feeder material itself from the accuracy of the feeding time, the key factor is decided by the product quality, feeder feeding time punch adjustable , Feeding time I punch the assembly unit is usually 270 degrees to 90 degrees over feeding, feeding, feeding time setting, basically able to meet the needs of most high-speed stamping production, but in the actual stamping production, the customer needs feeding time According to different products and different punch speed re-adjust the settings, it is particularly important in the correct adjustment, Yuda mechanical roller punching machine usually mix the material feeder timing adjustment mode, CNC servo feeder, pneumatic feeder were discussed:

1, the roller feeder is the punch material model matching to the most, feeding time adjustment eccentric disc changes and punch to achieve the connection, the actual operation is very simple, the first punch operation to stop the feed angle scale ring, and then adjust the roller feeder screw In the eccentric disc, make it into a straight line can pull rod. Special Note: Roller feeder to complete the feed to 180 degrees, which began feeding until 260, when the punch when the run 80 degrees to feed it to complete, so the roller feeder feeding time adjustment between 190-350 degrees.

2, CNC machine tool servo drive, can also achieve multi-stage feeding, feeding adjustment time is through the signal line to connect the punch cam to achieve, because my punch using electronic cam, so that delivery time is very simple to set up , Just enter the required feeding time in the punch press on the touch screen punch corner.

CNC punching machine
3, Pneumatic Feeder Feeder is the most economical, it is used punching, feeding time set in two ways, one is the standard pneumatic feeder, which is used to guide the rod installed in the press under the slider pressure floating rod to complete Feeding movement, the feeding time length of the pressure setting adjustment guide rod, the length of the guide rod, feeding time is late; another equipped with water supply pneumatic valve pneumatic feeder, and CNC servo feeder feeding time setting method is Same, that is, in my punch press touch screen set.