Timely grinding can effectively extend the service life of the mold

If abnormal noise artifacts occur with excessive burrs or stamping, the mold may be very sluggish. Check the convex and concave die when the arc edge wear radius is about 0.1 in the grinding.

Practice shows that often rather than grinding until the mill can not be re-grinding, not only will maintain a good quality of the workpiece to reduce the punching force, you can also die life doubled.

In addition to grinding in the mold, to master the correct grinding method is particularly important. Mold grinding process is as follows: 1) the use of sintered alumina wheel, hardness ~, particle size 46 ~ 60, high-speed steel wheel grinding the best choice. 2) grinding, slotting or vertical fixture will punch card machine magnetic chuck, each grinding 0.03 ~ 0.05, repeat until the sharp perforation, the maximum grinding volume is generally 0.1 to 0.3.

3) When the grinding force is large or close to the wheel mold, the mold coolant can prevent overheating and cracking or annealing, the manufacturer should be consistent with the requirements of high-quality multi-purpose coolant.

4) Wheel unloading 0.03 ~ 0.08, transverse feeding 0.13 ~ 0.25, horizontal feeding rate 2.5 ~ 3.8 /. 5) After grinding, cutting edge burr, grinding stone, grinding radius of 0.03 ~ 0.05, can prevent edge cracks.

6) magnetic treatment and spray lubrication, to prevent rust.