3 tons of small precision punch how much money one? Many investors tend to ask, and now the processing industry continues to develop in the domestic market is still very prosperous, and many people want to seize this opportunity. But in the purchase of precision punch when the price difference is often a headache for investors. Small-scale precision punch on the market a wide range of the same 3 tons of small precision punch but why the price there is so much difference? Measure the price difference is mainly affected by product performance chamfer tool, accuracy, after-sales service impact. Small clever 3 tons of small punch pictures Small precision punch performance? With a 3 tons of small punch hydraulic hole punch machine, in the structure and the use of different parts. Take a small clever punch machine for Dished Head, the accessories used by the advanced safety clutch, precision multi-cylinder-oriented, intelligent expandable man-machine interface, inverter speed. These advanced equipment greatly enhance the small press in the operation of the security, and equipment stability determines the performance of the equipment. Small precision punch precision? In the small punch market, the accuracy is also very different, according to the processing requirements are different, some of the lower precision is mainly for the processing of some of the less demanding products, and some precision requirements are relatively high products, precision punch Different nature of the price for the punch is also different, when the purchase according to their actual requirements to purchase After-sales service? Punch is a high-pressure high-speed punch equipment, in use will inevitably be faulty, but because of small presses in the accessories and systems have more upgrades in the professional maintenance of technology is still relatively lacking drill machine online, so high-quality after-sales service As well as technical guidance to solve the worries of enterprises. Punch product performance, precision, after-sales service affect the price difference, but not the price of these three must be expensive, depends on the strength of enterprises to decide. Some production for the sale of enterprises, are the primary sources of supply prices are much cheaper, but also a professional technical team and after-sales team. Section of the Association for more than 20 years of experience in research and development of punch, and access to national patent certificate, is the model of precision punch business.