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Price Difference of 3t Compact Precision Press

3 tons of small precision punch how much money one? Many investors tend to ask, and now the processing industry continues to develop in the domestic market is still very prosperous, and many people want to seize this opportunity. But in the purchase of precision punch when the price difference is often a headache for investors. Small-scale precision punch on the market a wide range of the same 3 tons of small precision punch but why the price there is so much difference? Measure the price difference is mainly affected by product performance chamfer tool, accuracy, after-sales service impact. Small clever 3 tons of small punch pictures Small precision punch performance? With a 3 tons of small punch hydraulic hole punch machine, in the structure and the use of different parts. Take a small clever punch machine for Dished Head, the accessories used by the advanced safety clutch, precision multi-cylinder-oriented, intelligent expandable man-machine interface, inverter speed. These advanced equipment greatly enhance the small press in the operation of the security, and equipment stability determines the performance of the equipment. Small precision punch precision? In the small punch market, the accuracy is also very different, according to the processing requirements are different, some of the lower precision is mainly for the processing of some of the less demanding products, and some precision requirements are relatively high products, precision punch Different nature of the price for the punch is also different, when the purchase according to their actual requirements to purchase After-sales service? Punch is a high-pressure high-speed punch equipment, in use will inevitably be faulty, but because of small presses in the accessories and systems have more upgrades in the professional maintenance of technology is still relatively lacking drill machine online, so high-quality after-sales service As well as technical guidance to solve the worries of enterprises. Punch product performance, precision, after-sales service affect the price difference, but not the price of these three must be expensive, depends on the strength of enterprises to decide. Some production for the sale of enterprises, are the primary sources of supply prices are much cheaper, but also a professional technical team and after-sales team. Section of the Association for more than 20 years of experience in research and development of punch, and access to national patent certificate, is the model of precision punch business.

Punching speed with punching die high – speed stamping automatic production continuity

Punching speed with the die high-speed stamping automatic production continuity, the feeder is necessary auxiliary equipment, and the feeder material itself from the accuracy of the feeding time, the key factor is decided by the product quality, feeder feeding time punch adjustable , Feeding time I punch the assembly unit is usually 270 degrees to 90 degrees over feeding, feeding, feeding time setting, basically able to meet the needs of most high-speed stamping production, but in the actual stamping production, the customer needs feeding time According to different products and different punch speed re-adjust the settings, it is particularly important in the correct adjustment, Yuda mechanical roller punching machine usually mix the material feeder timing adjustment mode, CNC servo feeder, pneumatic feeder were discussed:

1, the roller feeder is the punch material model matching to the most, feeding time adjustment eccentric disc changes and punch to achieve the connection, the actual operation is very simple, the first punch operation to stop the feed angle scale ring, and then adjust the roller feeder screw In the eccentric disc, make it into a straight line can pull rod. Special Note: Roller feeder to complete the feed to 180 degrees, which began feeding until 260, when the punch when the run 80 degrees to feed it to complete, so the roller feeder feeding time adjustment between 190-350 degrees.

2, CNC machine tool servo drive, can also achieve multi-stage feeding, feeding adjustment time is through the signal line to connect the punch cam to achieve, because my punch using electronic cam, so that delivery time is very simple to set up , Just enter the required feeding time in the punch press on the touch screen punch corner.

CNC punching machine
3, Pneumatic Feeder Feeder is the most economical, it is used punching, feeding time set in two ways, one is the standard pneumatic feeder, which is used to guide the rod installed in the press under the slider pressure floating rod to complete Feeding movement, the feeding time length of the pressure setting adjustment guide rod, the length of the guide rod, feeding time is late; another equipped with water supply pneumatic valve pneumatic feeder, and CNC servo feeder feeding time setting method is Same, that is, in my punch press touch screen set.

Punch in time to effectively extend the life of the mold

Timely grinding can effectively extend the service life of the mold

If abnormal noise artifacts occur with excessive burrs or stamping, the mold may be very sluggish. Check the convex and concave die when the arc edge wear radius is about 0.1 in the grinding.

Practice shows that often rather than grinding until the mill can not be re-grinding, not only will maintain a good quality of the workpiece to reduce the punching force, you can also die life doubled.

In addition to grinding in the mold, to master the correct grinding method is particularly important. Mold grinding process is as follows: 1) the use of sintered alumina wheel, hardness ~, particle size 46 ~ 60, high-speed steel wheel grinding the best choice. 2) grinding, slotting or vertical fixture will punch card machine magnetic chuck, each grinding 0.03 ~ 0.05, repeat until the sharp perforation, the maximum grinding volume is generally 0.1 to 0.3.

3) When the grinding force is large or close to the wheel mold, the mold coolant can prevent overheating and cracking or annealing, the manufacturer should be consistent with the requirements of high-quality multi-purpose coolant.

4) Wheel unloading 0.03 ~ 0.08, transverse feeding 0.13 ~ 0.25, horizontal feeding rate 2.5 ~ 3.8 /. 5) After grinding, cutting edge burr, grinding stone, grinding radius of 0.03 ~ 0.05, can prevent edge cracks.

6) magnetic treatment and spray lubrication, to prevent rust.

Analysis of the Impact of Electromagnetic Interference Loss

Electromagnetic interference loss is the biggest problem punch, the main source of power semiconductor devices in the switching process, the device current and voltage caused.

In the punch of the various losses, the electromagnetic interference generated by the loss in the power supply service to a certain degree of high will stutter contempt. On the one hand IPM punch cnc machining center electromagnetic interference own loss of energy, busbar machine is the progress of power efficiency is always necessary to soft-switching capability or zero-voltage switching or zero-current switching technology, the use of these technologies slow down the switching process voltage and current speed Eliminating the switch process, the electromagnetic interference becomes very small, do not like the conventional switching power supply circuit need to deliberately build a circuit to suppress electromagnetic interference.
The same size of the power of the punch press the same power dissipation, so IPM punch beveling machine, want to get more output power, destined to improve efficiency, while high power efficiency roughly reduce the power semiconductor device stress, Improve its conciseness.

Punch the switch and the IPM punch IPM punch IPM punch output rectifier diode can be concluded zero-voltage switch or zero current switch, the efficiency can be significantly improved.

How reasonable grinding grinding machine punch mold?

Ordinary mold not only punch manufacturers can improve the service life of the mold, but also can improve the service life of the machine, so master the correct and reasonable grinding time is very important. The mold needs to be sharpened by the user is very direct method is: punching accumulated to a certain extent, check the quality of the stamping whether there is a larger burr, again check the mold edge is round (rounded ≥ 1) . If this happens, the press has been dull, this time the need for grinding.

If the mold is sharpened at the appropriate time, the service life can be extended by 3 times, but without proper edge grinding, but will quickly increase the edge damage of the mold, reducing its life, mold grinding machine with its matching edge grinding, choose the right edge Grinding machine will greatly facilitate the user, improve production efficiency.

The composition and application of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools usually by the control system, servo systems, testing systems, mechanical transmission systems and other auxiliary systems.
1, the control system for CNC machine tool operation, management and control, through the input medium to get the data, the interpretation of these data and computing and the role of the machine;
2, the servo system in accordance with the instructions of the control system to drive the machine, so that the implementation of CNC tool and parts of the movement code;
3, the detection system is used to detect the implementation of machine tools (table, turntable, slide, etc.) displacement and speed changes, and test results back to the input, and input instructions are compared, adjust the machine movement according to their differences;
4, the machine tool drive system is to feed the servo drive components to the machine between the implementation of the mechanical feed drive device;
5, a wide range of auxiliary systems, such as: fixed cycle (to carry out a variety of repeated processing), automatic tool change (exchange specified cutter), transmission gap compensation mechanical transmission system gap error) and so on.

The main purpose of common machine tools


lathe Mainly used for processing a variety of rotating surface and the end of the body rotation. Such as turning inside and outside the cylindrical surface, conical surface, ring groove and forming the rotating surface, turning the end face and a variety of commonly used thread, with a variety of special equipment can also be processed surface. In the lathe can do drilling, reaming, reaming, knurling and so on.
Milling machines A wide range of machine tools, milling machine can be processed in the plane (horizontal, vertical), groove (keyway, T-slot, dovetail slot, etc.), gear parts (gears, spline shaft, sprocket well Surface (screw, spiral groove) and a variety of surface. In addition, can also be used for the surface of the rotor, the hole processing and cutting work, etc .. Milling machine at work, the workpiece mounted on the table or sub-first grade accessories, milling The main movement of the knife, combined with the table or milling head of the feed movement, the workpiece can be obtained for the processing surface.
slotting machine
Mainly used for processing a variety of plane (such as horizontal, vertical and inclined surface and a variety of grooves, such as T-slot, dovetail groove, V-shaped groove, etc.), linear molding surface. If equipped with profiling device, but also processing space surface, such as turbine impeller, spiral groove and so on. This type of machine tool structure is simple, not cutting back, so the lower productivity, generally used for single-piece small batch production.
Boring machine It is suitable for surface milling and hole machining of single or small batch production in machining workshop. The end of headstock is designed with radial turret for accurate boring of large hole and plane. In addition, drilling, reaming and thread processing.
grinder Abrasive grinding tools (wheel, belt, Whetstone or abrasive, etc.) as a tool for machining the surface of the machine tool, collectively referred to as grinding. Grinding machine can process a variety of surfaces, such as internal and external cylindrical and conical surface, plane, gear tooth surface, spiral surface and a variety of molding surface, etc., can also be sharpening tools and cutting, a wide range of processes. As the grinding process is easy to get high machining accuracy and good surface quality, so the grinding machine is mainly used in finishing parts, especially hardened steel and high hardness special materials finishing.
Drilling machine Widely used versatile machine tools, parts can be drilling, reaming, reaming, countersink and tapping the plane processing. In the radial drilling machine equipped with technology and equipment, can also be boring; bench drill coupled with the universal work table (MDT-180 type), but also milling keyway.
Gear cutting machine tools Gear is the most commonly used transmission parts, straight teeth, helical and herringbone gear cylindrical gears, straight teeth and arc teeth of the bevel gear, worm gear and non-circular gears. Machining gear tooth surface of the machine called the gear machine tool.

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