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Price Difference of 3t Compact Precision Press

3 tons of small precision punch how much money one? Many investors tend to ask, and now the processing industry continues to develop in the domestic market is still very prosperous, and many people want to seize this opportunity. But in the purchase of precision punch when the price difference is often a headache for […]

Punching speed with punching die high – speed stamping automatic production continuity

Punching speed with the die high-speed stamping automatic production continuity, the feeder is necessary auxiliary equipment, and the feeder material itself from the accuracy of the feeding time, the key factor is decided by the product quality, feeder feeding time punch adjustable , Feeding time I punch the assembly unit is usually 270 degrees to […]

Punch in time to effectively extend the life of the mold

Timely grinding can effectively extend the service life of the mold If abnormal noise artifacts occur with excessive burrs or stamping, the mold may be very sluggish. Check the convex and concave die when the arc edge wear radius is about 0.1 in the grinding. Practice shows that often rather than grinding until the mill […]

Analysis of the Impact of Electromagnetic Interference Loss

Electromagnetic interference loss is the biggest problem punch, the main source of power semiconductor devices in the switching process, the device current and voltage caused. In the punch of the various losses, the electromagnetic interference generated by the loss in the power supply service to a certain degree of high will stutter contempt. On the […]

How reasonable grinding grinding machine punch mold?

Ordinary mold not only punch manufacturers can improve the service life of the mold, but also can improve the service life of the machine, so master the correct and reasonable grinding time is very important. The mold needs to be sharpened by the user is very direct method is: punching accumulated to a certain extent, […]

The composition and application of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools usually by the control system, servo systems, testing systems, mechanical transmission systems and other auxiliary systems. 1, the control system for CNC machine tool operation, management and control, through the input medium to get the data, the interpretation of these data and computing and the role of the machine; 2, the servo […]

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