Electromagnetic interference loss is the biggest problem punch, the main source of power semiconductor devices in the switching process, the device current and voltage caused.

In the punch of the various losses, the electromagnetic interference generated by the loss in the power supply service to a certain degree of high will stutter contempt. On the one hand IPM punch cnc machining center electromagnetic interference own loss of energy, busbar machine is the progress of power efficiency is always necessary to soft-switching capability or zero-voltage switching or zero-current switching technology, the use of these technologies slow down the switching process voltage and current speed Eliminating the switch process, the electromagnetic interference becomes very small, do not like the conventional switching power supply circuit need to deliberately build a circuit to suppress electromagnetic interference.
The same size of the power of the punch press the same power dissipation, so IPM punch beveling machine, want to get more output power, destined to improve efficiency, while high power efficiency roughly reduce the power semiconductor device stress, Improve its conciseness.

Punch the switch and the IPM punch IPM punch IPM punch output rectifier diode can be concluded zero-voltage switch or zero current switch, the efficiency can be significantly improved.