25 tons of precision punch manufacturers, punch noise reduction 25T Punch manufacturers – IPM seriously treat every aspect of the production process, excellence, has now developed into a professional production of various ordinary pneumatic press 10 T-250T, semi-high-speed press 25 T-45T, high-punch 10 T-60T, high-speed press 25 T -40T of the Seiko manufacturer. Complete product specifications, widely used in various types of metal stamping, lighting, computers, mobile phone panels and silicone inner plate molding, watches and clocks boring equipment, home appliances and other related fields.


Punch noise reduction methods are many: 1, the workshop reverberation time and the noise source to determine the noise value 2 metal punching equipment, the choice of sound-absorbing material 3 structural fabrication, sound-absorbing plate sealing treatment 4, ventilation treatment 5, lighting treatment. For more information on precision punch press please contact us.